September 27, 2018

Functional Remedies Clarify Hemp Tincture Works Fast, Tastes Delicious On Our Morning Oatmeal


Functional Remedies Clarify Hemp Tincture is a uniquely delicious CBD oil that works quickly to promote relaxation.

Unlike most other CBD oil tinctures on the market, Functional Remedies uses a proprietary lipid extraction process, meaning the vital constituents in the hemp are released directly into the MCT (coconut-based) oil.

As a result, the flavor of this supplement is both milder and more distinctive than other CBD oils we’ve tried. This unflavored full spectrum extract has a warm, nutty taste that reminded us of fresh, high-quality olive oil. The 1000mg strength Functional Remedies Clarify Hemp Tincture tasted great on our morning oatmeal (especially with hemp hearts). We also enjoyed it mixed with green tea, or directly under the tongue.

Functional Remedies produces their products from a unique strain of industrial hemp which they spent years developing. This intense care and the team’s combined expertise show at every level of the production process, which is carefully controlled to produce a top-quality CBD oil.

All of Functional Remedies’ products begin as hemp plants on their 95-acre farm. They control every stage of the process after, from extraction to production. The majority of CBD oils on the market are produced by using a CO2 process to extract the cannabinoids from the plant, then the extract is mixed with an oil. In Functional Remedies’ proprietary lipid extraction process, the cannabinoids and other natural plant compounds bind directly to the fats in the MCT oil. This gentle process preserves the active components and produces a better flavor.

(Content courtesy Ministry of Hemp)

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